Mini games of SBCGFAP from best to worst

I enjoyed StrongBad's Cool Game for Attractive People, and found the mini games for fairly fun. I would like to rank the mini games from best to worst, not counting Teen Girl Squad comics.

1. Limozeen Babylion Odyssey in EP3: This game is just a blast. Picking up alien babes in Limozeen's space van while shooting at aliens. It's just a load of fun and is the best mini game in the series.

2. Space Circus Catastrophe in EP4: This game is a close second to Limozeen's Babylion Odyssey. Zapping evil clows, rescuing circus bears, and dodging peanuts and popcorn meteors in outer space is strangely fun. It's a great little mini game.

3. Snake Boxer in EP1: Fairly fun. It's somewhat enjoyable dodging snakes and punching them. It's a good diversion of time in the game.

4. That Marshie game, I forgot it's name, in EP5. Meh! What a fairly dull game. It could have had potential, but it wasn't very good.

5. Algebros in EP2: Sucks! What were they thinking? This mini game is just awful and boring.

What are your opinions?


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    I think you're being a little harsh on the Gel-Arshie game and Algebros. For a start, the Gel-Arshie game is DELIBRATELY terrible. The fact that it's terrible is rather plot-significant, even. It's a parody of rushed and cheap licenced games, like Algebros is a parody of educational games. I found Algebros quite fun, but I don't tend to touch the minigames much, and algebra was always my favourite part of maths lessons. :D

    Also, I'd rank Space Circus Catastrophe above the Limozeen game, which I found annoying and hard to handle. xD
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