Books similar in tone/style to KQ?

Besides the Green Fairy Book, what are some novels or book series which are similar in tone or style or spirit to KQ4-7?


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    To say that Green Fairy book is 'exactly' the same in tone and style and spirit might be an exaggeration...

    The various colored Fairy Books series, inspired things in KQ (certain names, maybe a few places), and they might have inspired the artwork in the early games manuals... But I'm not sure the individual stories are that similar in style to the main KQ stories themselves...

    Also consider while KQ may have taken characters from obscure fairy tales, see "Lolotte", the original character of the same name, is nothing like her KQ counterpart... Rosella and Valanice have very little to do with their counterparts Balanice and Rosenella...

    The same goes with Manannan (who was inspired by a character from Celtic myths)...

    I'd place Shrek as being closer to spirit, tone, and style of KQ with its mix-match of fairy tale/myths characters (sometimes mixed-up/fractured from their original stories as it were). Jack and Jill in the Puss and Boots movie comes to mind!

    See also Fractured Fairy Tales in the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons!
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    Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins.


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