Dear developers...

We need MORE!

I've just finished playing through the BTTF game and I have to say, I love it. It's absolutely fantastic down to every detail, I love all of the subtle and not so subtle references to the films. Thank you so much for doing such a grand job. I love BTTF and I've always wished they would make more (at least part IV) with the same cast etc and this game really does fulfill the criteria perfectly. Please don't leave it as just a one off, you have to make more!

I noticed after the credits on episode 5 it did say "TO BE CONTINUED..." which is perfect! Please do continue it!!

I would love to see The Power of Love be included next time! I'd also like to have Doc more involved in the scenes as well, and more interaction between Marty and Doc, I never tire of watching them trying to solve a problem and listening to Doc's crazy explanations or theories.

Please... more!
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