Dreamcast Port!

edited April 2012 in Back to the Future
I believe that this game needs to get released on the Dreamcast, and if Teltale does not want to have to do the work on it, there are plenty of people out there that would gladly port this. So that Teltale could maximize their profit on this game, all they would have to do is sell the .cdi of the file, and than the people who have purchased the file can than burn the game themselves, otherwise they could make to order the game. The Dreamcast indie scene is HUGE, and many regard it as the greatest system of all time, way ahead of its time at that. Also having beat the Wii version (which I display proudly in my house), I can most definately say that this would be a pretty faithful port as the Dreamcast has previous titles in this vein of gameplay. PLEASE Teltale port this or get people who can port this to do so!!

Let's keep the Dreamcast alive with big name games!


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