Where can I see behind the scenes material?

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It's been a long time since the last episode came out, and I'm really interested in seeing behind the scenes things. Is there a way to see concept arts, trashed ideas and commentaries? Heard Telltale were planning to include Tiff Tannen in the game for example.

Please, I want to know. :D


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    If you bought the game from the Telltale games store, you can buy the collector's DVD for just the cost of shipping (or the deluxe version with Doc's invention sketches, a book on the people in the history of Hill Valley (in BTTF: The Game style), a Trixie Trotter post card, and of course the DVD (with an exclusive alternate cover featuring Young Emmett) for $20+shipping).

    The Collector's DVD has all of those things you're looking for. :)
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    Just bought the game here in Germany and it also says on the back of case that there would be several goodies, such as the behind the scenes material, audio commentaries, art gallery, and all that Jazz.

    But it's not there. After installation, the launcher just tells me that the game CD has to be inserted for the content to become accessible.

    The CD *is* in there. In rebooted, tried again, no use. There is no "Goodies" folder on the CD either.

    What version of the game did I buy? The one with all the extras missing, or something like that? The lost copy of bare-bones-game experience?

    Please help. :/
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    The retail release doesn't have the bonus material on the disc. DeepSilver made them available online though:

    Caricatures / Characters / Locations / Portraits / Posters / Props

    Behind the Scenes & Audio Commentaries / Behind the Characters
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    Thanks for the information! I'll try to download it, burn it on a CD and put it into the box alongside with the normal game CD.

    This stuff is nowhere mentioned in the manual, or on the back the DVD cover. At least I am not able to find any mention of this. Normally, Deep Silver isn't being so neglectful, so I'll be sure to visit the Deep Silver forums and give them a mild version of what I'm thinking about this. :)
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    The CD *is* in there. In rebooted, tried again, no use.
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