PS3 UK disc help!

This may seem really stupid but I can't find the special features. It says on the back cover:
On the disc for the first time ever:

All 5 episodes of Back to the Future: The Game

Complete Behind the Scenes video series

Full production art gallery

Video reel with hours of audio commentary (includes never before seen content)

Now obviously I can find the episodes but I can't find the other stuff. Do I have to complete all the episodes to see the special features? Can anyone help?


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    I just bought the game and wondered the same thing. PS3 menu doesn't show any blu-ray content other than the game. I really hope that "extras are on the disc but readable only with pc with blu-ray player" isn't the case, or that there are no extras at all.
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    Since Deep Silver is the actual UK publisher, they would probably be better able to answer your questions than Telltale.
    Here's a link to their support page.
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    I sent this to Deep Silver:

    "I have a problem with Back to the Future: The Game on PS3. I am unable to find the Extras that are said to be on the disc (Complete Behind the Scenes videoseries, Full production art gallery, Video reel with hours of audiocommentary). The PS3 menu doesn't show any blu-ray video content other than the actual game."

    I recieved this response:

    "Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the text on the back of the box suggests that the additional content is part of the game.
    However, the extra content can only be accessed through our website:
    For videos just click on the videos on this page:
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    What a swizz!!! Surely that breaks some kind of trade description law?
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    Got the same reply. So i downloaded character gallery and locations gallery on my computer, but the portrait gallery gives error message when i'm trying to download it. I really hope that Telltale won't be using Deep Silver as a publisher in the future if they keep screwing the customers like this.
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    One of my friend recently purchase this games and he also complaint the same thing that he unable to find outer stuff in the game. I think this features will appears after accomplish the some of the stages of game.
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    I think this features will appears after accomplish the some of the stages of game.
    No... DeepSilver just messed up. All the bonus material is available here:

    Caricatures / Characters / Locations / Portraits / Posters / Props

    Behind the Scenes & Audio Commentaries / Behind the Characters
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