How old is Sam & Max?

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Sam: 37
  • Sam's Homecoming dance occurred in '93.
  • The comic strip was written in April 18, 2007 (The Homecoming took place 14 years before comic)
  • Sam was most likely in High School (18-20yrs)
  • So during this comic strip he was most likely in the age of 32.
  • Now its 2012, he is now 37yrs.
I find this very creepy because of how I played all three seasons and I had a strong feeling he was in his late 30's (like 37 or 38 years old)
But when doing the math, I'm right on the spot! o_o
Even when playing Walking Dead for the first time, I estimated that Clementine was 8 years old and Lee was 36-ish; I was freaked out when discovering their ages during my second playthrough :<

Max: 35
  • Even if Max stood up for sam when they were younger, that doesn't mean that he is older...
  • Even as an Adult, Sam still looks down on him as a child. (Like in 202 or 302)
  • Max is the least mature of the duo (Gee, who would of guessed.) But a bit more sharp-edged, and more aware than Sam can be at times...
  • Max seems to be 35 anyway, even without proof; he appears to be 35...

... THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN AGAIN, Sam & Max: Hit the Road was released in '93... Meaning this doesn't mean crap :D but its still fun to speculate!
Plus in the comic, Sam reads his highschool yearbook from the 70's... So what the hell is he doing in middle school in the 80's?! xDDD


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    According to the TTG games, Sam is "pushing forty". Since he and Max where in the same grade in school, they're the same age.
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    Uh, I'm not sure all the time they were dead & buried really counts. ;)
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    I've always pegged them as early-to-mid 30s. 35 or 36 at the oldest. That's "pushing 40", right? :P
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    I think Max would be the same age as Sam as in all the flashbacks it shows them as children together. I think Sam and Max are Not Allowed to Grow Up perpetually in their 30's. In Chariots of the Dogs it is about a hundred years later (I'm not sure on the exact date) and Sam seems to be just about 70 and Max hasn't aged at all.
  • Based off of this comment, Sam is now 47 and Max is 45. Absolutely incredible how time passes...
    Also, happy 10 year mark, comment thread!!!

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