Just wanted to say thanks to all the fan groups

Things are rather dead around here, given the total lack of news on TT's game, so I just wanted to say: Thank you to all the fan game groups, including POS, IA, AGDI, and others. All of you, despite any disagreements over petty things, have helped keep the flame of Sierra and it's series alive--and outside of GOG re-releasing the classic games, you guys (and the fans in general) are the only ones who have paid these old games any mind since 1999.

We all have our disagreements over this or that issue, this story element or that, but at the end of the day we are here for the same thing, and that's Sierra's legacy and the games we grew up loving. I want to thank Cez, Katie and POS, Blackthorne, Lamb (and all the other IA staff), AGD 1&2 and AGDI in general, and everyone else who has helped keep some of the greatest computer game series in history alive.

You're a great bunch of people and I think TT owes it to the fanbase for reigniting interest in the KQ franchise. And the disagreements some of us have had are stupid at the end of the day. Even if I disagree with the direction of a game, from now on, I will be only positive, as an effort counts even if I disagree with the results.
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