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Some people may have read about the Eye between the Worlds in the King's Quest Companion. What most people are probably unaware of it was originally inspired by the prologue for the Adventures in Serenia (with a bit of the legends of Pope Sylvester's own robotic 'brazen head' thrown in as well) in which the 'wanderer' was given a computer in order to help him on his journey. Tthis was a nod to the character communicating with a person from the future (our present) in order to help him complete his journey!


Ya, some might find Roberta's ideas to be a little weird?
His bearded chin rested on his fists, a forefinger pointing toward his temple.

At a glance he appeared an old man, withered and wiry. But something shone from his eyes - secrets, dark secrets, evil secrets. And he began to speak:

"It was a time beyond history that I, Harlin the Malevolent, evil wearer of wizardry, faced the wanderer.

Spells fell to bravery and cunning, and the fair Princess Priscilla was rescued.

I called on the elements and created deserts and mountains to cross, oceans to sail and chasms to span.

But I'd underestimated the wanderer's resourcefulness. Through logic and luck, he overcame my magical obstacles.

He plotted his path meticulously, leaving no avenue unturned, no setting unexamined. He learned the passwords that magically opened paths where none existed.

I conjured up all the evil and dangerous creatures within my powers to block his way.

Still he pressed onward. His possessions were few to begin, but he learned quickly to use what he found along his way - sticks and stones, apples and crackers - to defeat my beasts of diversion.

Finally, I took shelter behind my magic. At last, I believed, the wanderer was defeated. I rested too easily. In the final hours of his search, he made his way through the corridors of my castle and solved my magical mysteries.

The princess was rescued; I was beaten.

But I do not accept defeat forever! My magical powers remain intact - just as strong, just as evil.

I can reverse the sands of time with a single spell and face a new adventure - and this time I won't lose!

Well then, my foolish friend, I offer the challenge. Should you accept, your only possessions will be a flask of water, a loaf of bread, a blanket and a knife.

Many have tried to defeat me; only one has succeeded."

"So, you accept! Well then, welcome to the beginning of your end!"

With a boisterous cackle, he faded into time, only to be replaced by a vision far more fair: the Princess Priscilla.

What the wizard Harlin warns is true - his magic is powerful and the obstacles great.

But the journey is far from impossible. I can only offer you a computer and a few words of encouragement. All else you must do on your own".
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