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Hello there Telltale,

I am a huge Jurassic Park fan from Germany and got your game just lately for the PS3. I didn't own that system when the game came out originally so I am a little late to the party.

First of all I want to thank you for bringing JP back into the media!

I am almost done with Episode 1 and so far I absolutely LOVE the storytelling. The JP nerd in me really jumps around in joy walking around the island and seeing all those things from the movie. I love the dialog system and to me it feels like I have a lot of freedom in which order I do things. The first dinosaur encounter after the prolog at Nedry's car felt pretty intense and the animations of the dilophosaurauses were excellent. I have no complaints about the graphics - they are good in my opinion. :cool:

However I have some gripes with the game as well: I am a little suprised about the low quality sound in this game. It seems the game is stereo sound only and the voice over is cracking from time to time and seems to have some volume issues at times. This has to be my major complaint as the sounds themselves are awesome but it would've been so so much cooler to hear the dinos in 5.1 when walking around the jungle. You could've really up'd the atmosphere so much more with proper sound. So that's something. I also noticed some strange bug in which the game seems to be a little jerky at times which makes some scene transitions look bad. :(

I am really looking forward to playing more. :)
I am also interested in playing TWD - I hope this game has better sound (5.1 yes?) and less technical hickups than JP. ;)

Edit: Maybe you (Telltale) can get some word out on a patch for the PS3 version :)
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