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boy am i pissed (not realy, just thought i'd add some drama. so just pretend that i am)

ok here i go.....
i go to buy a telltale hat and their out of stock!

no hats... my ass!
i could buy the "trucker hat" but i'm not a big fan of asten kutcher, so i'm not going to go that route.

guess i'm guna have to wait untill they get new ships ments

**waves fist at telltalegames**


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    I bought a Telltale bib because I love to spit up on myself and I wanted to do it in style.
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    i bought a sticker that sits on my PC monitor and i think i'm going to be buying a T-shirt in the next few minuts. the only question is, white? or grey? .................
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    You know how demanding those truckers are, they would have had telltale out of stock 5 minutes after they released the online store.
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    i decided to get the white T-shirt. i'll most likey stain it somehow but it does'nt realy matter, i can always get an other one.
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    I'm still holding out for a hoodie, myself. Poor college student who could always use more of the things and all that.
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    thats a good idea, i would love to ware a telltale hoody....
    and socks, and ties, and toothbrushes!!!!
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    They should have a Telltale bacpack.
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    threeheaded monkey, i acidently edited your post instead of mine, manny apoligies....i'll fix it..
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    Some logo online stores even sell panties with what you want on them... o_O

    Though I don't doubt there is at least one girl out there willing to have Sam&Max on such an article of clothing. ;)
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