how do i continue a game?

i was playing for a while, probably close to the end of the first chapter, just based on previous telltale game length experiences i assume i was close to the end, and then my power went out. when i got back into my computer and reloaded the game i only see an option to start a new game. how do i continue where i left off?


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    i found out after some research and troubleshooting that there is a save&load option on the menu screen but it only appears if the episode you are playing was launched with the actual .exe for that episode.

    i used the episode 5 shortcut to launch episode 1 so i didn't even know the game had a save option, just assumed it autosaved but it didnt even autosave the whole time i was playing. when i tried launching episode 1 with the episode 1 exe i realized i could then save and load games and the game even autosaved.

    whats the point of being able to launch the other episodes from another games .exe if it disables an entire function?
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    I believe the CD fixes the issue with the saved games but yes, if you're playing directly from your computer, you must launch it via the corresponding episode shortcut in order to save.
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