Jeff Smith's involvement with the game

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Jeff Smith is the guy who write and draw Bone and also the guy who owns all the rights to Bone (I'm pretty sure of that if not completely). I caught a speech from him on a comic convention back in 2001 where he talked among other things about speculations regarding a Bone movie. He said then that if that should happen he would have to be heavily involved himself. At the moment he didn't think he would have the time.

No I wonder how much mr. Smith has to do and will have to do with this game. The more the better in my opinion, but I realise that it probably won't be that much.

Anynbody else know anything? Opinions?


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    It is stated in the following interview with Graham Annable that Telltale are working closely with Jeff Smith to make certain that they stay true to the books and keep that great balance of humor and drama in the game:,492
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    It's hard to say, though, if that just means that everything they do has to go through Jeff (isn't it odd that on the Internet fans always call creators by their first names?) for approval, of it he's actually a part of the design process.
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    (isn't it odd that on the Internet fans always call creators by their first names?)

    In this case, if we called him Mr. Smith... it might sound all Matrix-y. B-)
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    This sounds good. Let's hope they keep working closely with Jeff ;) And if there's any doubt after my first post here, I fully trust the guys at Telltale to do a good job with Bone, with or without Jeff's input.
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