My trip to Jurassic Park AKA MN ZOO (pic heavy)

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Today I took my family to the MN ZOO they have a whole animatronic dinosaur exhibit going on .. it was actually a lot cooler than I thought it would be... and they OBVIOUSLY were trying for a JP vibe they where even playing the music over speakers.
They didnt go for the obvious JP famous theme song.. instead they used the opening theme you can listen to it here in a different window while you browse through my pictures

We started our trip early in the morning.. packing our FORD EXPLORER (YEAH authentic I know.. a lot newer than the movie ones.).. Today was hot, muggy, overcast, and rainy .. I figured it was a good sign.

as we were walking toward the section with the dinosaurs we could hear right away the animals calls grunts and growls in the distance.. I also noticed far off in the distance there was the impressive monorail track..

The main gate looks a little like something from Stargate more than JP.. BUT there is a familiar face greeting guests..
Yes.. she is a spitter.
First sight of a carnivore.. he was a loud one.. grunting and growling.. and his eyes moved around.. I swear he was watching us move around..
But across the path this fellow was honking away
further down
This one kept a close eye on everyone
for good reason
The pathway is starting to get foggy and damp we can hear low growls..
and toothy
A Deinonychus scored a kill.. my son joked that their names where Freddy and Billy and Freddy was actually just checking to see if his friend Billy was ok after he fell and scraped his knee.
My Nephew... hanging out...
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