Is HomestarRunner dead?

The last video was in 2010, So do you think they're dead, or that they are planning a big comeback?

PS: I know that one of the brother chaps had a child, and that's why they're on hiatus


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    Both of the Brothers Chaps have kids, actually, but the hiatus is more to do with their work on various kids TV shows. They have been quoted as saying "only an idiot would stop doing Homestar" or something similar, and posted a teaser screencap of an upcoming SBEmail, so they definately plan on coming back sooner rather than later. :)
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    The real end of the new Homestar Runner content was actually last year. Matt Chapman was featured on the song Pink Pants by Aquabats as Strong Bad and Homestar on their 2011 album "Hi-Five Soup!".

    He also brought the Strong Bad puppet to the Aquabats concert in Atlanta, Georgia on the release day of that album (on the 18th of January).

    Like unicornfoal said, the Chapmans been busy with their families and working on children's shows (Yo Gabba Gabba! and The Aquabats). I would be extremely surprised if they didn't release at least something Homestar Runner related by the end of the year. There hasn't been a year completely without new H*R stuff since it started.
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    What's so aggravating is that you always hear this stuff in threads like this, fansites, news sites, blogs, etc., but never a post on itself that just says, "We're touring the galaxy with Limozeen...IN SPACE! Back when we're back. - TBC". Instead, it's just that sad little "Last updated: 12-20-10" message staring back at you. Even with all their real life business, it seems like it was enough of a self-contained side project that they could get back to it in some limited capacity, just to keep interest up in buying merchandise from the store. People would still tune in just to hear Strong Bad insult someone's name and dumb question, then sign off.
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    Keep in mind that Matt Chapman has said that the SBEmail 206 will be released "someday when you least expect it" and that the site will be updated "sporadically and without warning".

    I also wrote a creepypasta about 206, but it was moved to Trollpasta Wiki: (WARNING: VERY NSFW)
  • While these aren't updates, they are something.

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