The Clapper’s Jigsaw Massacre

I was taking a look trough the Straandlooper site and I saw mention of a feature length Hector movie called 'The Clapper’s Jigsaw Massacre'. A quick Google search later and the only other place I could find that even mentions it is this article that was written in 2009.
A feature length mystery, The Clapper’s Jigsaw Massacre, is in the pipeline, currently with co-production and finance negotiations underway, but the property will be formally launched internationally with the release of a game, Badge of Carnage, at the end of this year.

Considering we haven't heard anything about it since, it is likely that they never found a co-financier to back the project. However, I suppose there is a slight chance it is in development -- animated features like that can take a while to make, even low budget ones. I thought the Badge of Carnage games were brilliant and I'd love to spend more time in that world.

Does anyone know if The Clapper’s Jigsaw Massacre still has a chance or if it's just another project that never made it to the development phase?
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