Free to a Good Home: Bone Issue 13 1/2

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I'm not exactly a regular poster. I think I showed up to post a picture of my Sam 'n' Max tattoo and then I left. I can't wait for their new game!

Anyway, I have a copy of Bone Cartoon Book 13 1/2 in pretty dang nice condition and I can't seem to get rid of it. Since there are some Bone fans on this board, I figured I'll send it off to the first person who private messages me.

I don't really know much about Bone comics, so I don't know if this issue is rare/ultra-common/etc.

I'll send it for free, with no price for shipping. So, you know, send me a private message (or just reply here, I suppose) if you want it!


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    Has anyone responded to your generous offer?

    If not, you could also post on the forum at
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