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So, TellTale's JP was good, but of course as TellTale is a minor video game company compared to others I was thinking what would be better.

Would you rather TellTale took charge of TLW:JP The Game if there were one, or would you see it working out better if Frictional Games (known for Amnesia The Dark Descent and the Penumbra series) made it instead in the same style as the aforementioned games?

Which would you consider better? Write your answer below..(am having trouble with polls, sorry)


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    I'd rather they not bother with JP anymore, unless they can make a JP game like The Walking Dead, I wouldn't be interested.
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    Telltale was never the right developer for Jurassic Park, not enough resources to pull off an adequate game and I think they totally ignored the suspense/fear aspect of at least the first film.

    The T-Rex outbreak or kitchen scene were so full of tension and so terrifing, Spielberg took his time and immersed the viewers, slowly building up tension until its a life threating situation.

    Telltale never did that in its game, it was all about fast paced (and poorly paced imo) action, totally over the top. It felt more like the third film than the first, which they actually wanted to avoid I think. There was no real suspense or fear in the game or anything which truly felt like the scenes mentioned above, only things that tried to look like it.

    Yeah, I think Frictional Games could capture the fear of the kitchen scene for example, but they lack in terms of story and they dont have any experience in facial animations, licenses or anything outside plain horror-games, so no, they wouldnt be right also. And a scene like the T-Rex outbreak wouldnt be possible whithout some kind of QTE-style gameplay, but much more immersive, open and branched, which I guess would need more animations than the T-Rex had in this whole game!
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    If they can pull something amazing then I would say go for it! Heck returning to Jurassic Park was amazing!
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    I'm in the minority (I guess) that actually adored TellTale's JP game, and have been hoping from the beginning that they'd make more after the first season.
    Jurassic Park, in general, has always been kind of tossed aside for some reason, and that is present in the games as a whole. I can only think of two really good Jurassic Park games before TellTale's but one was riddled with technical problems although it has an amazing story. and the second one really had no story (if you haven't guessed I'm talking about Trespasser and Operation Genesis.) Tell me of any other JP games that actually have a great story. You can't really. All they've been are fighters, FPS, or scrollers with really no story other than kill the dinos and live. The games are fun, yes, but not immersive.
    Then comes TellTale with a story driven game, and I for one think it's fantastic. I'm not going to say it's amazing because frankly it does have a lot of problems. When playing through it I often wish that TellTale would have just made a CG/animated movie instead of a game. In my opinion it's probably tied with The Lost World in story if not slightly above it.
    I really think if people would let TellTale take another stab, and give them enough time... I fell that what they have done/learned with Walking Dead (which is AMAZING) can really help with a future Jurassic Park game. I'm not sure if I'd want to see a Lost World tie in or not (although there are a lot of plot holes from that movie that could be explained with a game.) I think a fresh, original, canon story would be just as good though. And I think TellTale can do it.
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    No I Liked it too, I actually play it alot with my little nephew, (He loves dinosaurs), I'd Loved to see the sequel
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    Good evening dear community,

    I'm sorry for my broken English, I am German, and use the Google translator to help. I am sorry that I can not offer, but English was never one of my strongest subjects.
    There is a lot of potential there for a second Jurassic Park game. The first was the heart of any Jurassic Park fans jump higher, it had a really good story. Unfortunately, this seems not to be enough in this day and age, many of the gameplay was too flat, in Jurassic Park: The Game, the player had too few opportunities to influence the story.
    In The Walking Dead is no different, but this is far from clever hiding, as in Jurassic Park: The Game.

    However, there are in Jurassic Park universe is a place where you could start very well, an event whose outcome has produced the second film, but is illuminated at barely. It would be smart to wait for the fourth movie, for example, to be seen whether biosynthesis, for example, integrated once more or other characters, but would otherwise be a very good scenario, the output of which could turn out arbitrarily given.
    "Hurricane Clarissa wiped out Site B. Call it an act of God. We had to evacuate and the animals were released to mature on their own in the wild. Life will find a way, as you once so eloquently put it." This said John Hammond to Ian Malcolm, when he asks to lead the expeditionary force.
    But as she walked along, this evacuation? John Hammond has become in Part 1 to animal rights activists, the question is whether this process occurred immediately or whether he has been wrestling with how the staff behaved in Annex B, as Hurricane Clarissa destroyed the laboratories of the entire system B?
    Ichkann introduce me to hear that the evacuation of the facility and the reintroduction of the dinosaurs without losses had to be quickly, especially since biosynthesis could have their finger in the pie, it would be the perfect opportunity to get to dinosaurs. Yet the public is not involved, InGen is in a crisis, and the staff have other concerns than worrying about that genetic material, or even a dinosaur is stolen.
    That said, it offers many opportunities and outputs, even entire dinosaur species could be wiped out. It would on the other hand provide the opportunity to the third To correct part and to explain why some raptors had feathers and where the Spinosaurus is, if this broke out was delayed and was locked in a room full of food, like shelters with canned food for 35 or more years. It is only a crude example, you could draw up a very interesting scenario.

    It will be exciting to look like the future of Jurassic Park. One thing is certain, the dinosaurs are far from extinct, and I want to conclude my speech with the famous quote from Ian Malcom:

    Life will find a way.
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    But if they are to make a second jurassic park game I have the idea for it:Ok picture this: The game starts out with you as being Eric and Ben and it shows their "fun" parachute ride and it keeps on going till where the movie left off as in them crashing into the tree's and Ben getting stuck. From there it should go until Eric finds the Ingen lab and finds people who ended up stranded like him but because they wanted to hunt down, capture, and sell the dinosaurs on the island but it was a mistake. From there it should where they find Ben getting eaten, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus run, meeting the velociraptor's egg nest's, and last of all kind of a funny part but Eric getting T-Rex pee :p.Through that the survivors end up finding out that the boat Eric and Ben came on is repairable and so from their they venture to find parts. But through this all when they're about to get off the island and the boat is started up they get offshore and they meet some aquatic dinosaurs like lieplurodon or some other aquatic dinosaur and the boat is total and there's only two people left, Eric and another guy or girl. So they roam through the island trying to find shelter and they stumble upon the Spinosaurus' resting place and so from there it all leads up to you-Eric finding the water truck and theres where it ends or it could go till you save Dr.Grant.
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    Its an amazing game and hope there are more!
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