Your favorite Wallace & Gromit Movie/Short Movie/TV series/TV Special/Game.

Ok first off i know this should be in the W&G thread but hardly anyone vists it anymore so if it's ok with the mods i would like to keep it here so more people will see it.

I'm stuck between W&G The Wrong Trousers and Curse of the ware-rabbit but i'll go with Curse of the were-rabbit. I loved the story and ending. We always see Gromit risking his life for Wallace but this is where he shows the length he will go to so he can save him.
He jumps into a toy helicopter and fights with Victor's dog on a small side high above Tottington hall and then Gromit's helicopter takes the golden carrot that was ment to kill Wallace in his were rabbit form. Gromit's plane stops working and Wallace protects him but risks killing himself. It looks like Wallace is dead but then Gromit holds up a piece of cheese and Wallace wakes up shouting CHEESE GROMIT!


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    The Wrong Trousers. Nothing will ever top that train chase for me. NOTHING.
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    Yeah i was watching The Wrong Trousers & A Close Shave today on DVD and The Train Chase is one of the best W&G moments.
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    For me it's either A Grand Day Out or The Wrong Trousers.
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