Main problem with game

edited September 2005 in Bone
the AUDIO! The compression or codec used is awful .. or the recording, mix, mastering..SOMETHING along the way.

The sound is warbly, it doesn't sound like mp3 compression but rather something far worse. It is so noticable, and very annoying. As a producer of sound I found it the most annoying part!!

PLEASE either release an optional WAVE or uncompressed audio download for additional episodes (I don't care about downloading lots on 56k..I think I am the only one though - I got the entire Steam catalog with updates off Valve on 56k and 're-dial upon disconnection' option in net connections..) or enhance the audio quality!!

Oh and Gran'ma Ben Thorn's voice actor..HAS TO GO!! Or get really drunk and smoke a lot more. Tom Waits would be good for Ben? :)
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