Game a bit glitchy sometimes,help?

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The game is kind of glitchy when scenes or camera angles are changing.I love the game but this thing is making me wonder what's wrong with it.

My PC is relatively new and fully made to be able to play games like Skyrim on full specs and graphics and all.

I don't know if it's the frame rates,I mean why would a good PC not be able to play something with low requirements as Jurassic what's going on?


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    What do you mean by glitchy, do you mean it's lagging or the graphics are all messed up? More info please.
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    I mean it just pauses for a few seconds when it's supposed to change scenes sometimes.Not often but not rare either.I mean the scene pauses when it's supposed to change
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    Yeah I get that with my computer too. My computer has a good graphics card and it still does it. It's just a glitch within the game, but it should only pause for 5 seconds or more. It happened to me on some Sam & Max games too. Sometimes it would lock up entirely, but that's just for Sam & Max. It only like cut out and the audio repeated for at least a second. It will also do it on the action scenes (which is really annoying). In my opinion that is all that makes this game not very good. Does your audio cut out at all or pause at the action sequences? Or is it only when it's changing scenes?
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