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I just want to know if you want to reveal what kind of humour Bone will have (I haven't read the comics).

Will it be a serious adventure-adventure with "cute" humour. Will it have sarcastic humour (as in Sam n Max), or humour a la Monkey Island?

I'm just curious, I know that many of the old LucasArts game were pure laugh-out-loud games. :)

So that I know what I should look forward to.


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    You can preview several pages of the Bone comics at, under the "Library" section.

    starting here:

    I particularly like the end of the chapter on page 28. Hehehe... Can't wait to see it in 3D. :D Anyway, that's the kind of humor I've seen so far (that's as far as I've read at the moment). I don't think the book or game will be all humor all the time, though. It's an adventure, after all, not a sitcom.
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    It contains more humor than in any Disney comic. For example, Donald Duck was lame compared to Bone. Bone has it all.

    You can read this thread, if you want to:

    Too bad most of the pictures demonstrated it, can't be displayed)
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