Throw Me A Bone Card Quest

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Looking for Smiley, Fone Bone, and Thorn. Have Phoney. Just joined. Thanks.


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    i've got fone and i need phoney. ;)

    but i don't know how it works...

    btw. do you speak german? (i'm asking because of your nick name)
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    They're on their way.

    el_siggi: I need your e-mail address if I'm gonna send you Phoney.
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    now it should appear in my profile. if it don't, let me know.

    actually, i don't know how it works;
    do i have to send you the e-mail with the link to collect Fone Bone?
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    Sending the cards right now, as we speak.
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    sent you fone. should be arrived right now ;)
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    I do have smilley.My email is Sending it now.
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