New Episodes coming??? Please?

I really enjoyed the game and all 7 Episodes. Any more planned? Would be more than happy to pay for it.

Or even better, yet a whole nother season??? Please? :)


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    I don't think it's going to happen. :(

    Seems like it was a one-season thing. I purchased it on release day because I'm a huge Law and Order (mostly SVU) fan. Maybe there wasn't enough buzz around it?

    I think The Walking Dead is the current darling for TTG -- and it should be, honestly.

    Still got my fingers crossed; would love another season with some of the other detectives from the three series. Hopefully something with Stabler from SVU!
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    A season two is certainly possible (Telltale made 4 CSI games after all ;)). Plus, the fact that this forum hasn't been moved to the classics section is sort of promising. Although, none of the new licenses from 2010 and beyond have been moved to classics yet, so I wouldn't hold my breath just yet. It's best to be cautiously optimistic. :)
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