cow race lookin good

edited March 2006 in Bone
I like what I'm seeing..and reading.. I have a feeling each Bone game will only get better and better. It will be interesting to see how the direct feedback from out from boneville shaped the great cow race.

My only two concerns "playing a story" rather than "playing a game." Sorry I'd still rather play a game, I just want the story to be a very important part of it. The other thing is the difficulty level, I have a feeling this is gonna be a 2 out of 6 which doesn't exactly get my adventure gaming heart racing..

Still I think the graphics look better, The new puzzles sound very interesting looking forward to that. The advancement of the story, I'm interested in seeing what happens to the characters(yep one of those who wants to play the game, then buy the comics)

I think Telltale has also promised more things to interact with in the environments which will also be good.

I also can't believe we are getting the game in April..doesn't seem far away at all..

What do y'all think? highly anticpating this?
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