BUG: Get Doc to talk while absent in episode 5!

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Wait till after Doc runs away from the Bathysphere and then try to raise it yourself when you haven't tried before and Doc's voice will stop you, even though he ran out of the building!! :eek: :cool:


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    I brought the game via telltale's website a long while ago and i would like to transfer my game so I can download/install via steam.

    I know a can add a non-steam game that is not why i want it in steam, i want to be able to install and download using steam.
  • There's another one in Ep (2 i think??) where young Emmett has the controls for the rocket car set up in the park. If you go up and try to play with the control panel at one point where Y.E. is nowhere to be seen, he still somehow manages to yell at you "don't touch that!"

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