Upgrade to Deluxe pack?

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I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade to the Deluxe edition if you already have the normal edition. I refuse to buy the full 49,99 if I already own the normal edition. Is there any way to pay the additional 19,99 to recieve the deluxe pack?

P.S. I never played a telltale game, but i'm really digging it so far :D It's a different experience for a change, promoting this to all my fellow JP friends/fans :P Nostalgia tripping ha! :D


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    no they are both individual purchases. Sorry! You should have bought the deluxe edition to start with! Need confirmation but I think they are different purchases!
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    Jurassic#2 is right. It is not possible to upgrade. Sorry.
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    I Knew it. Thanks Macfly. Too bad, the deluxe edition was a good buy, that's why I bought it right away!:D

    Sorry about that, You'll have to buy them individually if you want the games but you miss out on all the great stuff the deluxe edition had to offer.:(
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