Character shadows and screen resolution

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Looking at screenshots these two things confuse me; they seem to be constantly changing. So, I was wondering whether I could get a final word on the two: will there be character shadows, and will the resolution be selectable or locked in 640x480 like in the first chapter? I really hope the resolution can be changed as some of those 1024x768 screenshots floating around look very nice indeed.


  • HeatherleeHeatherlee Telltale Alumni
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    These are both things we have been working on but have not made it in time for this chapter. We'll keep working on them for the next one though.

    The game still looks awfully nice without them, you'll be happy to learn.
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    The game still looks awfully nice without them, you'll be happy to learn.
    Yeah, I don't doubt that from the videos that have been released, still a little bit disappointing though. Is there any chance that shadows and the option of changing resolution might be added into the first two games once they've been implemented in the third?
  • KevinKevin Telltale Alumni
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    We do plan on updating the Bone Series to make sure all the episodes have the same features. So when shadows are ready, we'll have updates for each Bone episode. Same with multiple resolutions. Both those features multiple the amount of testing we need to do to ensure the game runs well for everyone, so they're a little slow in coming, but they are on thier way!

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    hey, that's nice! I'm glad you got your priorities straight with making new games first, though. ;)
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    That's really great to hear. Telltale is seriously in the running for my favourite current developer based on this sort of thing.
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