I have a question for anybody that has played this game.

Is the Nina that died in the carjacking the same Nina that use to be the suspect of the jogger case? Also I think I did something wrong in the first episode. I got a guilty verdict for the father but in the last episode the son was in prison. How did the son end up in prison?


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    edited January 2013
    I'm not sure if she's the same Nina (as I don't remember who the prior suspect was). They tied all the episodes into the Preppy Jogger case, so it's very possible.

    I got a guilty verdict for his father too. At the end of the episode, the detectives have a quick scene where they discuss how the father could have gotten the gun in there through the metal detector, and find out that the son was a contractor for the company that did construction on the courthouse. They surmise that the son must have put the gun in the ventilation duct for his father to pick up later.

    We never get to see the son's trial, but based on the fact that he's in prison, he was found guilty of the crime.
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