Questions for Bone characters?

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If you could ask the characters from Bone anything you wanted, what would you ask them?

(Hint: make them good questions)

(PS. No spoilers from beyond the first book!)


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    to the Bone's: "Where are your pants? Why do only two of you wear any clothes at all? Have you no shame?"

    I'll have to read the first chapter before I can come up with anything better.
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    To Thorn: How did you end up living with grandma in the middle of no where?
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    To the dragon: Why do you smoke a cigarette(or is it a cigar...or something...)?
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    To the stupid, stupid rat creatures: What is the best way to make a quiche? Do you enjoy other flaky baked goods?

    Smiley: Where do you get all of those cigars?

    Bones: Are you hard? Are you squishy? The name "Bone" indicates a bone-like quality, but I've never been able to fully accept that. You bruise in much the same way that bones don't. What's the deal?

    Phoney: I'm going to have a rummage sale soon. Do you have any advice?
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    The Quiche Loving Rat Creature: What is your ideal quiche made from? Does it include that small thing you found under the bush?

    Kingdok: Where did you get that fashionable staff? :D
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    To Ted and his brother: Why are you guys so differently sized? What does a bug do during the winter? How old are you, and how did you live that long?
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    Phoney: What's up with the star?
    Fone: Have you ever considered to stop helping out Phoney when he's gets himself in trouble?
    Smiley: Good day, isn't it?
    Thorn: Wanna make out?
    Ted: How come you're so smart and stuff?
    The dragon: Do you ever do anything but sleep?
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