Does Tales of Monkey Island (Steam) have full Xbox 360 controller support?

I fire up the game with the controller plugged in, and I can basically use the Xbox 360 controller to "move" around... but to navigate the menu's and navigate the curser in game, I need to use the mouse.

Was really hoping that curser would respond with use of the Xbox 360 controller's right analog or something...

I understand its a point and click, so the mouse is kind of emphasized in that... but with Steam Big Picture mode... and playing games like The Walking Dead with the controller... its a very big nice to have.

(Also, Windows 7 64-bit)


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    I would love to know the answer to this, I have encountered the same thing with ToMI, I would love to relax with my controller in a beanbag instead of using my mouse for this game.

    For a while I tried using the controller in my left hand and mouse in my right, it was not the best solution.
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    The info I can find are these:

    Details about the mappings already there, and how to setup xpadder to use the right mouse stick:

    Details of how to use autohotkey to achieve similar results:

    I'm going to try the autohotkey one tonight and I'll report back.
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    Thanks. I found some links to people using Xpadder... but I believe at the time of these posts 2-3 years ago, Xpadder was a free option. Now $10.

    AutoHotKey may be an option. Its a shame TellTale doesn't update their game to what should be a very, very quick fix. I suppose this wasn't an error, but a decision made to use Mouse for this PC game... which is fine. But.. with Big Picture Mode.. and the upcoming "Steam Box" a said.. really nice to have.

    Also on a side note.. On the subject of "Big Picture Mode" and PC gaming in a "living room area" I picked up a wireless mouse/keyboard and use the "Rocketfish™ - Gaming Mouse Pad." Its a small, hard mouse pad good for a non-desk area.
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    Dunno about controller. But I can say that the game works oddly well on a tablet, something I discovered by accident. (The kind you draw with.) This also makes it oddly good on Windows 8 tables with Wacom support. (You do need a keyboard for some parts however.)
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