When should Telltale's King's Quest be set?

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At what point in the life of King Graham should Telltale's upcoming King's Quest games begin?

After KQ5 when Graham is already middle aged with grown children? Perhaps before he even starts a family of his own?


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    Since every King's Quest game has been in chronological order, I always assumed it'd just be set after KQ7/Mask of Eternity.

    I wouldn't mind something set between KQ2 and KQ3, though, when Alexander and Rosella either haven't been born yet or are really young.
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    It is generally assumed that all KQ games take place in chronological order (the King's Quest Companion takes thsi approach up to KQ7).

    There are some arguements on if KQ6 and KQ7 take place 'chronological order', or even roughly at the same time. But this is largely unimportant.

    Based on development information for KQ8, some of the game's development team intended to be set anywhere between 5 years and a decade or so after KQ6/7 (5 years or more after previous games) after the earlier KQ games. They (Roberta apparently) considered, "graham was too old to go on adventures", and "Alexander was too busy taking of a kingdom of his own to go on adventures", according to various interviews.

    Although this may have been lessoned, had Roberta made KQ9, since she was thinking of a possible love triangle between Rosella, Edgar and Connor (Sarah was left out these discussions for whatever reason, LOL). This assumes that Rosella wasn't yet married during the events of KQ8 (and that KQ9 would take place after KQ8). Which as you know Rosella was almost 20 in KQ7, and taking marriage into consideration, she needed to marry not too long after KQ7, or risk being considered a spinster. So its probably safe to assume she get married before she turns 25.

    Personally, I'd rather see a direct sequel, rather than any 'prequels' or 'interquels'. Although a prequel with Edward might be fun (or even if he is only a playable 'flashback', in a 'sequel' storyline).
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    I thought this was going to be a "reboot", meaning none of the stories in the previous adventures matter, and we're back at KQ1 again.
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    I always figured they'd set it in a non-specific time between KQ6-8, where they could swap between all the family members, who are somehow all involved, for different acts/episodes -- and together foil a dastardly plot!

    (that's what it seems like Telltale would do, anyway)
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    They said reboot in first announcement, but then later on backtracked saying they don't want to toss out any of the established canon.
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    BagginsKQ wrote: »
    They said reboot in first announcement, but then later on backtracked saying they don't want to toss out any of the established canon.
    They also called Tales of Monkey Island a reboot, but that one took place after Escape from Monkey Island.

    In both cases, I don't think it's backpedaling, just that people take the word too literally. They mean reboot as far as starting a franchise back up after being dormant for so long, not that they're going to start it over from scratch.
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    Some might see reboot, and think defibrillation, lol.
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    "Oh! Oh! My heart!"

    King Graham falls to the ground, as his previously undiagnosed heart condition takes hold! Death is surely imminent! ... But what is this?

    "There be no waitin' for defibrillatin'!"

    A magical leprechaun doctor appears with a field emergency medical facility staffed by bees, ants, and mice. ("We're field mice!") King Graham is saved!

    "Thank you, my friends! I am so very grateful for your kind assistance during my time of great need! Surely... surely... zzzzzzz."

    King Graham faints away, and wakes up in Al Lowe's Co-Pay-Cabana Casino, where he must deal Hoyle's Blackjack for all eternity to work off his medical debts.

    "Oh! Oh! My heart!"
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