Is that a new/updated Sam model?

While in the first game the Max model looked the same like in the Devil's Playhouse, the Sam model in no.2 looks kinda different (in a good way). Sort of more detailed, while giving me a little walking dead hand drawn vibe to it. Is it really a brand new model for the character, or am i just imagining things because i want a season 4 sooooo badly? :p


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    edited April 2013
    Yes it is. :) Telltale designers Jake Rodkin and Mike Stemmle described the new model in another thread.
    Jake wrote: »
    Sam's new model may take a minute to grow on you, but I'm repeatedly blown away by how much closer to Steve Purcell's drawings he looks when he's shot from all sorts of interesting angles. It makes the old Sam look cheesy as all heck, and I really like old Sam!

    Sam's suit is only really blue in Hit the Road, probably because as said above it would look really boring in a 2D game with no lighting. In the comics it's always drawn grey, tinted a little by the color of the light in the room Sam's in.
    What Jake said. One of the wishlist items we had for PN2 was "get Sam's model even closer to his Purcellian roots." When I compare THIS Sam model to the one were using in the late, lamented Freelance Police game, it fair boggles my mind.
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