How long does it take to create a Poker Night game?

This question may be directed at the Telltale team on the forums, but it can also be a general discussion.

I assume, from Telltale's usual development-habits, it would take about a month or so to create an installment to Poker Night.

But I'm still curious how long the development of the original Poker Night and its sequel took. Unlike the other games, it took Poker Night several months of development. What (do you think) is the reason for that?

Did the development of Poker Night 2 took around that same time as Poker Night 1? Also, what is usually the longest part of development in Poker Night?


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    I don't remember where I heard this from, so I could very well be wrong, but I believe the first game took three months to develop.

    I'm sure if you factor in the time spent writing dialogue and acquiring licenses it's longer, though.
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    Actually, I remember hearing they have multiple groups such as artists, programmers, writers, etc working on separate episodes in particular orders while they make their games instead of having everyone work on one episode. As a simplified example, perhaps they could have writers work on episode 1, and then move on to episode two while artists work on episode one and so on. I don't know specifics about how this works, but I'm pretty sure they don't have all of their team work on an entire episode within a month for their episodic titles.

    This may be an exception for individual games, however. I thin RAnthonyMahan is right about Poker Night 1. I recall hearing the same thing.
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