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Yeah, I know it's too soon to talk about that, but the game will come in a few months, and preorders will come even sooner. With The Walking Dead, Telltale abandoned their long-time-awesome-tradition of giving us a free physical copy of the whole season after it is completed.

It's their decision to continue that way or give us what we want! I, personally, wouldn't doubt paying a bit more for a Collector's Edition.

What do you think? Let Telltale hear our voices!


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    I'm actually considering buying TWAU from the TT store itself if this was the case. I've always bought all my previous TT games directly off of Steam, so it's been only recently I've heard about this.

    Does the collector's edition offer only apply to PC purchases? Or are they available for Mac too?

    I can't wait for the game to be released, and it'd just be awesome to have another piece of Fables merch with me.
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    Zeruis wrote: »
    Does the collector's edition offer only apply to PC purchases? Or are they available for Mac too?
    The collector's editions that were made after Telltale started developing simultaneously for PC and Mac have both versions on the disc (and the ones that were made before that happened are PC only).

    We'll see if they have a Fables collector's edition once the pre-order period starts (the collector's disc was always mentioned on the pre-order page for games that had them).

    It seems with the more expensive licenses, the tradition of the collector's disc with free shipping has stopped. And since Telltale's experiment with Jurassic Park's collector's edition that cost more money on top of the downloadable content didn't sell too well, they seem to have abandoned that idea too.

    That said, if they decided to try the Jurassic Park collector's disc concept again with a new game to see if it sells better when there isn't so much negative press surrounding the game, I'll be happy to pay the extra amount for it. :)
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