Clipping problems on Xbox with widescreen

Anyone else noticing that the top and bottom of the screen are clipped when playing on the Xbox with a widescreen TV? I have not seen this with any other game over the years so it is something unique to Poker Night 2. I did not see anything in the game options to try and adjust this.

The Xbox is set to 1080i and my TV is a Mitsubishi Diamond series WS-65907 (65” rear projection).



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    I'm experiencing a similar problem and have attached photos of the issue; apologies for the poor quality. This X-Box is running in the same mode (1080i) through a component connection to a Vizio VZ26L. It doesn't quite interrupt gameplay but obscures the bonus qualifications on occasion and cuts Sam off the edge after he folds. Television settings have been checked and other games display without issue.

    Please let me know if any additional information is required.

    Edit: After unlocking the Aperture card set, it appears the suit disappears from the player's left card off the bottom of the screen unless the player is currently active.
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