PN2 Character Behavior

Game's out! No more speculation, now we can see for ourselves!

Here's how things seemed to me so far:

Brock's way too ballsy for his own good. He's like the Heavy times two, and abhors folding. Combined with his pretty frequent tells, You usually can knock him out within the first two or three rounds by raising his bets when he's got nothing. On the flip side, his bluffing like a madman becomes pretty scary if the blinds get disastrously high.

Claptrap. Ugh. Like, the worst parts of Tycho. He's constantly afraid to play, and winds up just sitting around forever until he's forced to act (I keep seeing him get excited via arm flaps, but he keeps flopping anyway). I haven't figured out how to knock him out early - out of my 7 tournaments, he's been 3 of my final showdowns. Luckily, he's easy there, but (sorry, writers, I really love the rest of the game) is massively annoying to listen to.

Ash is harder to pin down, mainly because he doesn't seem like an extreme compared to the others. If anything, he seems to be a bit greedy once chips start piling up. He's easily lured into big bets, and doesn't like backing down, either. He never seems to last long for some reason, so I've never had a showdown with him. I usually start the game out for blood, though, so that probably explains it.

Sam is surprisingly sensible, or unsurprisingly laid-back. He tends to go along with the ride, not going overboard but won't be easily intimidated either. I usually find that stringing him along with smaller bets takes him out of his shell, which he has actually called me out on. Brock's insistence on making things high-stakes tends to keep him low-key, though. That's the only way Samson even managed to get into a showdown in my game - when it was just him, Sam and you, Sam eventually backs out of the pissing matches, leaving a decent amount of cash.

How about you guys? Agree? Disagree? Other observations?


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    For me, Ash always gets kicked first.
    I've played around a dozen games now, every single time.
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