Brock's green teeth

I just downloaded the game and there are some problems with the Brock animation. He has blue speckles dancing all over his shirt and his teeth are green.
Is anyone else seeing this?


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    Either Brock is Hulking the crap out, or you found a very interesting-sounding glitch. Could you get a screencap, by chance? I'm very curious to see this.

    Curiosity aside, sorry, I haven't encountered this myself, so I don't think I'm of any help. :(
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    I had the same problem. It disappeared when I changed the rendering-quality to low. It's not a perfect solution, since I have no other problems with high rendering-quality, but at least I don't get headaches for looking at Brock anymore^^

    Just watched the Intro again: It's extremely noticable when Brock lights his cigarette. Maybe it has something to do with the lighting.
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