TF2 Unlocks?

I know in the original Poker Night, you could unlock items for TF2 if you knocked that character out while there item was at stake. Are there new items in PN2? If so, what are the items?


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    In this one the unlock system is different. You are given 3 random challenges called "bounties" then when you complete all 3, a character will put up a personal item as a "bounty item" and if you win the entire tournament you get the TF2/Avatar Item/PS3 theme and Borderlands 2 item representing that character/series the character comes from. If you lose, you will still keep getting a chance at an item until you finally win, but it will be a different item more than likely.

    After you finally win you will get another 3 sets of challenges and the cycle starts anew until you get all 5 sets of items.
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