Print Screen, MW Snap results in blank

So, there was a flop of three 9s during a game of Poker Night, and naturally there was a 3 way all in. I really wanted to grab a screenshot of this moment, but prt sc gave me a white blank. So, I tried MW Snap which also didn't grab a thing. I couldn't get Windows 7 Snipping tool to work with the Poker Night 2 screen active. Is there a trick to grabbing a screen of Poker Night 2? What am I missing here. Thanks.

Using a Windows 7 64x, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5850, i7 Q740, and if it matters, I'm running the game from Steam.


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    It literally just happened again. Nobody is going to believe this without screenshots man.
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    You can use Steam's screenshot function. The default shortcut is F12.
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    Which you can change to another button either via Steam's settings or in the Steam Overlay's screenshot section.

    You can either then upload it onto the Steam Community or access it by going to the uploader, selecting Poker Night 2 from the drop down at the top, then clicking the desired screen and then "View on Disk"
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