[Bug] PN2 resolution keeps changing from 1440x900 to 1440x810

Any fix? I can't click the bottom bar because it's cut off. I even started a new tournament. I haven't had any problems with the resolution until today.

It just keeps reverting to 1440x810. Even if I set it to 1368x768, apply it, then change it back to 1440x900 (and apply it). The resolution setting changes to 1440x810.


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    I have this problem too. I have a retina Macbook Pro 15" (natively 2880x1800). I used to be able to switch it from some weirdly cropped resolution to 1440x900 (and I had to do that every time I started the game), but today I can't even do that -- setting to 1440x900 just keeps reverting to 1440x810 right away, resulting in black bars above and below the screen. I tried disabling "Automatic graphics switching" in System Preferences, and switching to windowed mode and back, and restarting Steam, to no avail.
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