Bug Report: Game Frozen On Side Pot

During a hand in which I went all in before the flop(due to having all of $2,000, but also having been dealt a pair of Jacks) the game went around, and on the flop, Brock bet. However I noticed the game failing to properly count his bet--the numbers on his balance flashed down then back up, and when Ash called his bet it only showed Ash's letter on the side pot readout. They kept checking till Brock bet again on the turn, and Ashe folded. After the showdown on the river, with the usual dialogue, the Side Pot came up but because no one is shown as in it, the game is frozen.

I don't have recording software, but I can at the very least show a screenshot.

http://i.imgur.com/N5skG4e.jpg (Linked due to large image size stretching the page.)

As you can see, Ashe is still shown in the sidepot despite having frozen, and despite the fact that it was Brock who bet to begin with. The game is technically still showing their background animations, as if GLaDOS was about to read out the side pot, but nothing happens if I leave the game running. I'm not sure what would have caused this, other than possibly the fact that I had to go all in before the flop.
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