Can I run it with any Intel graphics?

I know it says its not recommended with intel graphics, but does that mean it literally cannot run, or will there just be some problems?
If so how bad will they be?
I really want to buy the game but I don't want to buy it and waste my money if I can't run it.

I'm running off a Intel HD 3000.


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    Hi! I don't know exactly the references, but I do have Intel HD Graphics with an Intel Celeron processor. The game works better with it than the first Poker Night, in which I had to reduce the settings to the minimum. Here, I had to make some adjustments but nothing drastic. There is one problem though, but maybe you won't have it: sometimes, not during the game but during "cinematics," the image freezes for three seconds tops.

    But it's not a very big problem, especially when you have been warned that the game is not recommended with Intel Integrated Graphics. :)
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    The game works fine on Intel HD 3000 (Which is what I use) and I'm running the game on max settings at 1366x768 with no problems that I've noticed
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    I forget what one specifically it is, but my friend uses an Intel graphics card and plays the game just fine.
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