Dlc ideas?

First off I would like to say, I absolutely love this game.

I think y'all need release some dlc fast, while the game is new and fun. 2 new AI characters that can randomly switch out with the previous characters, that way the game won't get as stale because you will be playing with different groups each time.

I was thinking of walking dead theme with either Larry or Kenny as the character who's bounty items can be "the salt lick" for Larry or "the bust in the attic" for Kenny. And for the theme, the players can be in the attic from ep. 5 or even the freezer at the dairy farm. And you can also make another borderlands 2 unlock for either kraig or the mechromancer.

I was also thinking about the other character to use for the second spot, after looking through the tell tale catalog, you could easily go with Back to the Future, which would make for a pretty cool mechromancer unlock on BL2.

Anyway, that's what I was just thinking about, come on tell tale, lets do this!!!


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    Seriously this whole idea of DLC characters is practically unworkable, especially the idea of being able to switch out any character for another simply for the extra amount of dialogue that would have to be written and recorded for every possible combination of characters. If it happened the DLC would probably cost more than the base game, just to cover the costs of making it.
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