Two of my Borderlands 2 unlocks never showed up

First of all, kudos on the game. You got me to like poker. Anyway, the first two items that I won (Axton's Evil Ash head and Gaige's Max head) both showed up on BL2 immediately. After that I won Maya's Poker Visor head and Salvador's Brock head. Neither of them showed up so I decided to be patient and wait. The next day I still didn't have them so I went back into PN2 and went to my bounties and clicked okay on the items again just in case it didn't register. Then I went back into BL2, still nothing. I waited a couple more days, still nothing. Any way to fix this? I have the PS3 version. I will be upset if I can't use Zer0's Portal outfit once I win it.


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    I seem to have that same problem with Gaige's Max Mask and Zer0's Portal skin, however I do have Maya's, Salvador's, and Axton's bonus heads. I did also go back into Poker Night 2 and re-download all the bounties I had, but that didn't fix the problem. The only thing I can think to do is delete my save data and win the bounties again, which is really unappealing.

    EDIT: Apparently the easiest solution is to email gearbox. As pointed out here:
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    In Poker Night 2, there should be a page that showcases all your trophies. Just hightlight them & redownload the patch for Borderlands that gives you the desired skin.
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    I have the same issue, I currently only have the Gaige and Maya customizations and none of the others. I have beaten all of the bounty challenges and have all of the trophies. I have all of the PS3 themes but the other unlocks for Borderlands 2 are not there. I have tried redownloading them multiple times but I have not had any success. This is extremely frustrating considering all the other issues (freezing, stuttering).
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    i am not getting my evil dead head, pretty much the only reason i bought this game, has there been any solution to this problem yet. i check shift codes, i checked downloadable content i dont see anything!
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    I was having this issue with 3 of my unlocks for a couple of days. I kept trying to click the download button for the missing ones and nothing would happen.

    I opened up poker night 2, opened up each bounty item and clicked download about 3 times each. (going through them all 3 times, 1 click of download each time; opposed to clicking the download button 3 times quickly)

    That sent through my 3 missing messages in SHiFT.

    Side note that may have had something to do with it: I started drafting an email to telltale and gearbox support about the issue and only opened up my shift inbox to see which 3 were not showing up when I saw that they finally came through.
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    Wtf telltale 2 of my unlocks are not shown in my shift zero portal skin and my brocksamson hair for gunzerker? Aside from the game freezeing up and annoyingly super lag it was fun to play...i boughg the game for the bl2 content and won all 5 bounties but only recieved 3 outta 5 please recfifyr this issue and inform me if im missing something....
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