How is this game to people who don't watch Law & Order?

So this is the only Telltale game I don't own(apart from the CSI games for similar reasons). The only reason I haven't bought it is I have never watched Law & Order nor really found any desire to watch it. Do you guys still think I'd enjoy this game, if I've enjoyed every other game made by Telltale?


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    I enjoyed all the other Telltale games (didn't play Strong Bad and Bone though) except Jurassic Park which was annoying gameplay wise (some QTE had a too strict timing for me).

    I am currently playing Law & Order (don't watch the series) and I must say it is a bit disappointing. I use the French subtitles and I suspect they are not of very good quality, which could be the reason why some dialogs are strange / incoherent.

    Here are a few points about the game:
    - There are "hidden objects" parts where you must search for a few objects on the screen (which can be scrolled to the left/right). Most of the objects are directly visible and most of the time only one is partially hidden.
    - There are conversations where you must ask questions to witnesses and suspects. To ask something, you select a topic (most of the time, a word, which was off-topic or badly translated in several cases...) which can be useless or lead to a clue. Everytime you detect lies or incoherences, you must explain why in order (multiple choices) to have points (sometimes, it seemed to me the explaination was something I had not learned before).
    - There are the trials where you must interrogate the witness/suspect pretty much like above and there are also sequences where you must make objections and select the right one (they explain the various types but it is quite fuzzy).

    In conclusion, if you haven't already done so, I would advise you not to buy it. It is pretty average for me.
  • As a first playthrough, I found the cases and stories to be relatively enjoyable the first time, but after a few more, feels kind of repetitive. While the police detective part is okay, the real fun was playing as the district attorney, as your answers and deal offerings can affect whether a person walks or not, perfect for those that like to experiment.

    If you're conserned about spoilers, you really shouldn't worry. They do give subtle hints to events from the tv show, but they are very small and usually unimportant.

    I would personally buy it for iOS, since I felt it was more suited for mobile phones.

  • if you like crime and solving things you may enjoy it. if you are more into story and stuff probs not.

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