How do the PN2 characters play like the PN1 players?

I was just wondering, how does each PN2 character play like each of the PN1 characters? I'm saying it like, which PN2 character has the same stradegy as a PN1 character.


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    Not entirely the same thing, but I've been wondering for a while how they integrated Max into Sam's Poker AI. I'm curious about whether all of the advice he gives is just written into Sam's AI, or if he actually draws it from his old PN1 AI or something like that.
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    It seems to me like the four players in both games more or less correspond to the four poker playstyles.

    Max and Claptrap are loose passive.
    Strong Bad and Ash are loose aggressive.
    Tycho and Sam are tight passive.
    The Heavy and Brock Samson are tight aggressive.
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