I think I speak for all Poker Night fans when I say we want real life versions of the Different Cards and Chips poker sets. I'd kill for a Team Fortress 2 deck or a Portal deck


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    Not just the cards. I'll take the chips and the table. lol
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    Why stop there? When you have the potential to bring these characters together, merchandise the bejibbilits out of it. We'd throw our money at the screen, promise.
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    Poker Night Figurines.

    Take my money.

    I need a Tycho on my desk.
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    Just like the soundtracks, doing this would be pretty unlikely. It took enough legal wrangling to get everyone at the table together in the game, but selling merchandise is an entire other situation as far as contracts and rights ownership are concerned.

    We nearly printed the original Inventory deck from Poker Night 1 (the same starting deck as Poker Night 2), as that has no licensed characters in it. It was supposed to be all classy and stuff - we even had Bicycle cards lined up to do the manufacturing - but our sales rep left the company right before we were ready to go and our job fell through the cracks. It was very frustrating!
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    Aw :(
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