Help a new fan design Sam & Max merch!

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Basically, for my boyfriend's birthday I'd like to make him a custom Sam & Max shirt/hoodie. I don't yet know enough about all of the games/shows/comics, so I was hoping to get some advice on what I should design.

One idea I did have was to feature Max's "I never run out of bullets" line, but wanted to ask if this line was common fan-knowledge enough that my boyfriend (who I think is only familiar with the earlier iterations of Sam & Max media) would get the reference.

Any other ideas would be MUCH appreciated! If there's anything you can think of that you know other Sam & Max fans would enjoy on a shirt please let me know!


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    I guess you need to know what sort of Sam & Max Era media your boyfriend is familiar with.

    If he likes the earlier comics, he might appreciate a Fizzball reference, which would be instantly recognizable.

    For the adventure games, a souvenier-like T-shirt of the places they visited might work.

    As this is something he is apparently into, and you're not as familiar, you might want to ask him to introduce you to what he likes, and you should be able to get ideas from whatever he shows you. It's a cheap date night!

    When you're done, take a picture and post it to the legendary Sam & Max fanart thread. ;)
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