Would you buy?

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This was just a thought. If there were Sam and Max action figures in stores, would you buy them?


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    I more want Sam's suit...
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    If they're not horrible fanmade cheap stuff, I would

    ..Oh who am I kidding, I'd buy anything related
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    Sure, I'd buy them, but it will never happen. The action figure placement war is brutal.
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    I'm going to say no, unless they come with the S&M Season 3 OST, because that's where the focus needs to be on S&M merch.
  • so long as the guns are fully functional then yes, yes I would.

  • In a heart beat yes. it will make great with the bone actions figures

  • Yes I definitely would!

  • I sure would! for now I got the Sam and Max Symbiotes :)

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